Eucalyptus 125ml Essential Oil - Water Based

Improves the respiratory system and enhances breathing conditions. Prevents asthma, common cold, influenza and clears sinus.

Delight in a natural garden’s fragrance inside your own living room. Impossible? Now it’s possible with Advante’s Essential Oil products.

Ranging from Advante "Premium" Essential Oils, this revolutionary product purifies your surrounding air and promotes healthy living. PSB tested, it is 100% bio-degradable and non-toxic. This water-based aromatherapy will bring fresher, cleaner and more fragrant air for your pleasure.


Unlike many general fragrances out there in the market, all Advante Essential Oil products are formulated with “Greenatures 320” Disinfectant.

The fragrance released kill bacteria and fungi and inhibit viruses, while neutralizing odours, smoke, smells, mould, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Not only that, but Advante Essential Oil products also increase oxygen, and reduce pollen and dust loitering in the air. In its aim to promote healthy living, the Advante Essential Oils’ healthcare effects include uplifting of one’s spirit, introducing a feeling of well-being, calming the mind and inducing sleep.

Trust in Advante Essential Oil products to care for your surrounding air and health