REPELLO mini - Electronic Mosquito Repellent - AR-1808G

Small. but powerful mosquito repellent.

This is Advante REPELLO mini, AR-1808. It is good looking. portable and convenient mosquito repellent. It is small enough to be portable. It is USB-rechargeable. It is harmless to human and to the environment. Yet. it is a powerful mosquito repellent.

  • Environment Friendly
  • No Chemicals
  • No Aerosol
  • No Consumable Replacements
  • Convenient USB Rechargeable
  • Charge 30 minutes, Use 30 hours

  • How does REPELLO repel mosquito?

    Mosquitoes usually feed on plant sap and honey. However, female mosquitoes in spawning season feed on animal blood to supply nutrients to her eggs. Male mosquitoes are oblivious to the fact that female mosquitoes does not want to mate anymore once they are carrying eggs. Female mosquitoes with eggs are vigilant about male mosquitoes approaching to mate.

    So, REPELLO imitates the exact flying frequency of male mosquito to repel female mosquitoes carrying eggs.

    The effect might vary depending on noise. climate and types of mosquitoes, but it is 70% effective averagely in repelling mosquitoes. The frequency produced by REPELLO is recognized as male mosquito approaching to female mosquitoes to reduce their activity. Female mosquitoes fly away from REPELLO or get extremely nervous to continue with their feeding activity.

    One more.

    Male mosquitoes are effective in repelling female mosquitoes, but there is one more problem. There are many different types of mosquitoes. There are more than 3.500 types of mosquitoes worldwide.

    How is it possible to imitate frequencies so many different types of male mosquitoes?

    REPELLO imitates flying frequencies of numerous types of male mosquitoes.

    It generates frequencies using the pulse width modulation (PWM) by an artificial intelligent IC in 1Hz unit oscillation. Through the cross oscillation in 1Hz units, it not only imitates male mosquitoes in Korea but also 2,000 other types of male mosquitoes of Southeast Asia. Particularly with the Patented proprietary technology, REPELLO generates the most effective oscillation period and width. It accurately imitates male mosquitoes within 1Hz control to differentiate from female mosquitoes. It is effective within 1.5 to 2m depending on background noise.

    REPELLO comes in 4 different models with 4 different distinctive mosquito characteristics identified depending on the geographical location.

    Models etched 'SEA' on the REPELLO are effective in Korea. Japan and Southeast Asia.

    Design. Small and good looking.

    Small and Light

    REPELLO refuses to be compared with others, in its portable size - 32mm in diameter and 10mm in thickness. Wear it or attach it anywhere that thickness is convenient for you.

    Made with premium metal in an integral body

    REPELLO is made with the best metal processing technology used for making high-end accessories. Elegant and beautiful texture and shape is classy enough to be an everyday accessory.

    The LED indicator light with strong luminance can be useful in night tracking or camping. You will be the center of attention if you have REPELLO when you take a walk at night.

    Control. It is convenient and easy.

    With 30 minutes of charging, you can use the REPELLO for up to 30 hours.

    It is rechargeable on cigar-jack in your car, PC, or charging adaptor with an USB cable anywhere.

    Protection against overcharging

    The Charging Cut-off/Discharge Cut-off system is imbedded to protect the circuit. To protect the circuit and battery, it does not emit sounds while charging.

    Environment Friendly.

    It is clean and safe.

    REPELLO passes the 6 hazardous materials inspection. It is ROHS2 certified with no mercury, no lead, no cadmium, no chrome and no flame-retardant materials.

    It is certified for electric and electromagnetic stability.

    It is CE certified, passing their strict criteria for electric and electromagnetic stability tests.

    It is 100% environmentally friendly product with no biochemical substance in material or sound.

    It is absolutely safe to use around children and pets.


    Different frequency oscillation system from other existing products.

    Wide frequency range supports a variety of mosquitoes around the world.

    Through the use of the three different stages of sounds, a powerful mosquito prevention takes place.

    Stage I - Drangonfly wing sound

    Stage II - Male mosquito wing sound

    Stage III - Ultrasonic sound mosquitoes hate

    Korea Patent No.: 10-2014-0069913


  • Size: 32mm X 10mm, 36 grams

    Colour: GOLD

    Battery: Lithium polymer rechargeable battery

                 3.7 volts, 70mAh

    Output: 50-60db (1-2m)

    Battery Charging Capacity: min.65mA ~ max.75mA

    Battery Charging Cut-off Voltage: 4.2 volts

    Battery Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 3 volts

    Low Battery Indicator


    Leather Chain: Cow Hide