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VIRO 4144.PV - One-Piece Special Steel Padlock - Patented Key

The one-piece body special steel padlock forms part of the new generation of elegant padlocks offering maximum resistance and security.

The one-piece body, the dead-bolt, and the anti-drill plate of the cylinder are treated with the “NIPLOY PROCESS”, an innovative chemical nickel-plating process. which ensures a higher corrosion-resistant standard.

  • Body: one-piece, special case-hardened, tempered steel.

    Finish: “NIPLOY PROCESS” corrosion-resistant chemical nickel-plating.

    Dead-bolt: 13mm diameter case-hardened, tempered steel, resistant to attack rotating dead-bolt. Grip with programmed breakage dead-bolt head, to prevent the bolt being pulled out.

    Security cylinder: 7 pin plug, protected by a rotating burglar-resistant, anti-drill plate in special 4.4mm thick case-hardened and tempered steel.

    Keys: supplied with 04 Viro Patented profile nickel-plated brass keys.

    - ball type locking;
    - key retaining;
    - first set tempered inox stainless steel pins and counterpins;
    - brass pins;
    - mushroom brass counterpins, pick resistant;
    - AISI 316 inox stainless steel latches;
    - inox stainless steel latch spring;
    - inox stainless steel pin springs.

  • Body Dimension (A x B x E): 87 x 70 x 30m

    Horizontal & Vertical Clearance (F x C): 37 x 20.5mm

    Dead-Bolt Diameter: 13mm

    Approximate Weight: 1015g

    Key No.: 039.PV