Why Duro?

DURO has a wide range of products for home and office use. Our products are of superior quality built with a revolutionary 12-pin cylinder system design for complete locking protection.

This innovative mechanism is a modular variation of the pin-and-tumbler design and it differs from most conventional locks that operate with a series of pins pairing up in a single row. Our highly secure mechanism uses a 12-pin cylinder system, with two rows of six anti-drilling pins of varying length and grooves, making it almost impossible to pick. The mechanism only opens with the right key, which displaces the anti-drilling plug and forces both forged-alloy U-shaped springs to dis-engage from the inner shell. Once the key is inside the cylinder, it has to match the set of grooved pins with unique false and correct slot.

Additionally, our patented 12-pin cylinder system offers a multitude of different combinations, and it is designed to be used with a large number of locks, such as profile cylinders, deadbolt cylinders, cam locks, and padlocks.