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Tips and Tricks for storing your treasures

Whether you’re collecting stamps or comic books, you’re collection means a lot to you. It might even be worth something money-wise. It’s important to keep your collection safe and protected and avoid any damage that may occur during storage over time. Some metals common to coins may oxidize naturally or the adhesive on stamps could deteriorate. So here are a few helpful hints to keep your treasures in pristine condition.

Coins and Dollar notes
Coins are very susceptible to oxidation and scratching. Hard plastic folders and containers are ideal for protecting your coins. Make sure your containers are airtight as this will help prevent oxidation and wear to the coin. When you put your coin in its container though, make sure you are doing so on a dry day. If the air is humid, and you close your coin in the container, you’ll also be closing the moisture from the air in with your coin. Buildup of this type of moisture can cause the oxidation that can cause coins to deteriorate. Like the container, when you close your safe, any moisture in the air can be trapped in your safe as well. That’s why it’s important to keep your coins in air tight containers in your safe. You should also periodically open your safe (approximately one to two times a month) to release any humidity that may have been in the air when you shut your safe the last time.

Humidity locked in the safe when it was closed can build up, and ruin the adhesive on the stamp decreasing its value. To avoid this type of damage you should keep your stamps in a controlled environment. Not too humid and not too dry. Also opening your safe periodically can help reduce the humidity in the safe. Desiccant packs also prevent moisture build up in your safe.

Comics, Magazines and Trading Cards
Once again moisture is the main concern when storing comics and other magazines or any other paper collectible. Comics, magazines and trading cards should be placed in an air tight plastic container. This will also help prevent them from damage due to the natural aging of the paper. The plastic bag that comics often come in may not be enough to keep it from getting damaged during storage. Also, like with stamps and coins, you should periodically open and close your safe to prevent build-up of humidity trapped in the safe when it was closed. Desiccant packs are also helpful in preventing the buildup of humidity in the safe.