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Sale VIRO AIR Door Closer - HOLD OPEN

We like our door to close automatically and avoid slamming, but there are times when we want the door to stay open. We use door wedge, magnetic holder, step-on door holder, etc. Unfortunately, they do not perform as desired.

Install the VIRO AIR Door Closer with HOLD OPEN function. The door will stay open in position when it is opened 90° or more.  If you decide to close the door, just give a slight push. No drilling on the wall or floor.

All “VIRO AIR” door closers have the same dimensions and the same fixing hole distances, regardless of the strength and version.
Although they look the same, they can have different functions and are thus particularly suitable for doors which look the same but have different characteristics.
They are also suitable for wooden or metal doors (right and left-hand) and can be installed either on the door (standard installation) or on the door jamb (reverse

Strength: 2
Max. door width: 85cm
Max. door weight: 45kg

  • Body: one-piece painted pressure-cast aluminium.

    Standard colour: grey

    Arm: steel, allowing a stroke of approx. 80 mm (from -10 mm to + 70 mm).

    Regulating valves for closing speed and latching speed.
    The valves can be easily reached from the outside, with the doorcloser already installed. Overload relief internal valve.

    - hydraulic operation, does not require periodic oil change. No maintenance required;
    - adjustable hold open (in the respective versions) by means of an internal device. The door can be manually blocked in any position between 90° and the maximum opening angle;
    - fixed strength versions: 02

  • Version: HOLD OPEN

    Maximum door width: 85cm

    Maximum door weight: 45kg

    Approximate product weight: 1500g