COMPLETE-PLUS Replacement Filter Cartridge - (R7-3)

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Lead and Cyst reduction for up to 750 Litres from the Inventors of Tap Water Filtration!

Made in the USA Carbon Block, Genuine replacement filter for all COMPLETE-PLUS (F7) Systems.

Instapure’s Patented Industry Best design utilizes a proprietary formula of the highest quality coconut carbon compressed into a 0.5 Micron block providing over 99% Cyst & Lead reduction for less than 5¢ per litre.

  • The Original Instapure® COMPLETE-PLUS (R7) Faucet (Tap) Filter System provides up to three months or 750 litres of healthy, great-tasting water straight from your faucet*.

    Since it was first designed and built in the USA the Instapure COMPLETE-PLUS (R7) has been the leader in end of tap water filtration for you and your family.

    • MADE IN THE USA Proprietary 0.5 Micron Carbon Block
    • Save Space and filter up to 5X more water than typical Pitcher Filter.
    • Save Money and the Environment vs. Bottled water!
    • Save the Environment filtered water provides Great Taste with Less Waste
    • Compatible with all ESSENTIALS (F2) & (F5) Faucet (Tap) Filter Systems
    • Filters 750 litres – twice as much as most competitors
    • Flow Rate 1.77 LPM flow rate
    • Black Filter Housing
    • Interchangeable with Instapure ESSENTIALS (F2) and COMPLETE (F5)
    • No tools required for assembly
    • High quality Coconut Carbon that does not contain silver
    • Operating pressure: 20-100 psi
    • Operating temperature: 5-37°C
    • No tools required for assembly
    • Quick and simple installation
    • Dimensions: Dia50 x H78mm
    • Weight: approx. 100g (each cartridge)
  • Instapure COMPLETE (R7) Replacement filters are sold in over 30 countries worldwide and are the Genuine Replacement filter for, are compatible with and will fit all:

    • Instapure, Instapure COMPETE-PLUS, Instapure, Faucet (Tap) Filtration Systems. COMPLETE-PLUS (F7), F5, F3, F2
    • Waterpik, WaterPik, Teledyne Waterpik & Teledyne Faucet Filtration Systems models: F2, F3, F5, F7.
  • F2, F5, F7  Installation Instructions