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Secco Ascuitto - 12 litres per 24 hours

The first and only dehumidifier in the world that has the unique and versatile design that allows you to mount it on the wall in order to save space or place it on the floor. SeccoAsciutto is the most efficient dehumidifier in the market with only 185 watts average power consumption, thanks to its efficient rotary compressor and tangential fan technology.

SeccoAsciutto is controlled by an intelligent Electronic Logic Controller. It enables you to read the present temperature and humidity in your room, set the desired humidity level, auto stop and alerts you when water tank is full by a warning light and acoustic sound, auto defrost the evaporating battery, and lets you select the dehumidifying or drying function. It has a large water tank capacity of 3.5 litres which contributes to one of the main decision of choosing an efficient dehumidifier.

- Average Power: 185 Watts
- Dehumidifying Capacity: 12 litres/day
- Water Tank Capacity: 3.5 litres

  • Capacity (32ºC, 80% RH) - 12 litres/day
    Average Power Consumption - 185 watts
    Tank Capacity - 3.5 litres
    Dehumidifiable Volume - 130 m³
    Air Flow - 160 m³/hr
    Recommended Coverage - 500 ft²
    Noise Level - 38/46 dB (A)
    Refrigerant Used - R134a, CFC Free
    Weight - 11 kg
    Dimensions (HxWxD) - 42 x 49 x 15 cm
    Present Room Temperature Humidity Reading - Yes
    Desired Humidity Setting - Yes
    Auto Stop & Indication of Full Tank - Yes
    Air Filter - Yes
    Continuous Direct Drainage & Hose Accessories - Yes
    Wall Mount Capability - Yes