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VIRO 304.PV - Rectangular Padlock - Patented Key

The classic padlock, featuring Viro Quality, made from materials that guarantee a long working life and that can meet every security requirement.

  • Body: solid satin brass with rounded anti-abrasion edges.

    Shackle: case-hardened and tempered steel for high resistance to attack, copper, nickel and chrome-plated for high corrosion resistance.

    Keys: supplied with 03 Viro Patented profile nickel-plated brass keys.

    - spring-loaded dead-bolt;
    - key removable in locked and unlocked position;
    - brass pins;
    - mushroom brass counterpins, pick resistant;
    - two spring-loaded brass latches
    - phosphor bronze pin springs;
    - inox stainless steel latch springs;
    - inox stainless steel shackle spring.

  • Body Dimensions (A x B x E) : 60 x 46 x 20mm

    Shackle Clearance (C - F) : 35 - 35mm

    Shackle Diameter (D) : 10mm

    Approximate Weight: 460g

    Key No.: 015.PV