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VIRO 740.7.PV - Euro Profile Single Cylinder with Thumbturn - Brass Body - Patented Key

Introducing the VIRO Euro Profile cylinder with “PATENTED KEY”.
By installing this cylinder, it will overcome your fear of keys being duplicated without your knowledge and used with ill intent. As the key blanks are “Controlled”, duplicates can only be made at the Viro Authorised Centre. The coded Owner’s Card, an Original key and Identity Card must be presented for duplication. 

Why do you need it?
With security being your top concern, keys dispatched to your staff, tenants, site supervisors can be duplicated just for their convenience. So when they return you the original keys, you never know whether duplicates have been made. 

Who needs them?
This cylinder can be used for offices, warehouses, institutions, pump rooms, water tanks, important installations, shops, etc. 

This Italian-made VIRO Euro Profile Cylinder with Patented keys cost just a fraction of its competitor brands, making it more affordable. Definitely an investment worth considering.


Cylinder Length: 35 x 35 (70mm)


  • Body: solid extruded. pickled brass

    Thumb turn: brass, easy to grip, with rounded edges

    Plug: brass, 5 pins

    Keys: supplied with 03 Viro Patented profile nickel-plated brass keys.

    - universal 0° cam;
    - brass pins;
    - mushroom brass counterpins, pick-resistant;
    - phosphor bronze pin springs;
    - brass retaining rings.

    Supplied with: metric-thread fixing screw

    Approximate Weight: 305g

    Key No.: 015/PV