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VIRO 8202 / 8203 - Roller Shutter Lock - Left Right Pair

Thanks to the VIRO profile key, numerous KD bittings are available for the 8200 series roller shutter locks. The sturdy deadbolt provides high resistance to attack.

Structure and internal components: galvanized steel

  • Deadbolts: consisting of two 2.5mm thick laminated plates; total thickness 5mm.

    Projection 24mm.

    Cylinder: Solid brass - projection 11.5mm for thick and heavy roller shutters.

    Keys: supplied with 02 Outside nickel plated brass keys + 1 Inside satin brass key, Viro profile

    - brass pins;
    - mushroom brass counterpins, pick resistant;
    - phosphor bronze pin springs.

    Dimension (A x B) : 154 x 59mm

    Case Height (C) : 15mm

    Cylinder Projection (D) : 11.5mm

    Approx. Weight: 610g