Links between Gum Disease and Diabetes

Gum disease and diabetes, a persistent disorder that alters how the body handles blood sugar, are known to be associated. Gum disease can make it harder to control blood sugar levels, and people with diabetes are more likely to have it than people without it.

Because people with diabetes are more prone to infections, particularly gum infections, there may be a connection between gum disease and diabetes. Elevated blood sugar levels can also encourage the development of gum disease-causing bacteria, resulting in more serious and long-lasting infections.

Furthermore, gum disease might make it more challenging for diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels. Gum disease-related inflammation can worsen insulin resistance, making it more difficult for the body to use insulin to control blood sugar. This may cause blood sugar levels to rise, which can exacerbate gum disease.

It is obvious that practicing excellent dental hygiene and getting treatment for gum disease as soon as symptoms appear will help lower the risk of numerous health issues, including diabetes, even if more research is needed to completely understand the relationship between gum disease and the condition. This can entail using an antiseptic mouthwash, brushing, and flossing frequently, and going to the dentist frequently for cleanings and checkups. Gum disease risk may be decreased by controlling blood sugar levels by a nutritious diet, consistent exercise, and suitable medications or insulin therapy, in addition to other diabetes problems.



Disclaimer: The above read is for general knowledge. Please consult your dentist and doctors for professional medical advise.