Links between Gum Disease and Respiratory Disease

Although the exact nature of the relationship between gum disease and respiratory disorders is not yet entirely known, there is some evidence to support this association. According to certain research, those who have gum disease are more prone than those who don't to acquire respiratory infections such pneumonia, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

According to one theory, the bacteria that cause gum disease may enter the respiratory tract via the mouth and cause or exacerbate respiratory infections. Another theory is that gum disease-related inflammation could increase the susceptibility of the respiratory system to infection.

Additionally, it is well established that some risk factors, such as smoking and poor oral hygiene, raise the possibility of both gum disease and respiratory issues. This shows that these illnesses might share a common underlying factor, such as persistent inflammation or a compromised immune system.

It is obvious that maintaining excellent dental hygiene and getting treatment for gum disease as soon as symptoms appear will help lower the risk of respiratory infections and improve overall health, even if additional research is necessary to completely understand the connection between gum disease and respiratory disorders.



Disclaimer: The above read is for general knowledge. Please consult your dentist and doctors for professional medical advise.