DH-134E - Digital Depository Safe

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The SentrySafe Depository Safe DH-134E offers protection for cash receipts, deposit slips, and other valuables against theft and burglaries with a relocking device to defend against drill attacks and a time delay to prevent unauthorized after-hours access.


Digital Lock

This battery-powered digital locking system uses a programmable 1-8 digit code. Multiple user options vary by model.

Anti-Drill Door

Features a double-armored door that helps protect locking device against drill attacks.

Anti-Fish Hopper

Anti-fish hoppers prevent cash and deposits from being stolen with extendable tools or hooked wires.

Steel Construction

Steel Construction

Solid steel construction for durable and reliable protection.

3 Live-Locking Bolts

Live-locking bolts provide advanced protection against theft and unauthorized users.

Bolt Down Hardware

Ensures thieves cannot easily remove the safe from your home or office.


  • Exterior Size

    68.6 cm H X 35.6 cm W X 39.6 cm D

  • Interior Size

    44.5 cm H X 34.8 cm W X 28.7 cm D

  • Capacity

    44.4 liters

  • Lock Type


  • Peril Type


  • Weight

    54.9 kg

  • Material

    Solid Steel

Note: All dimensions and weights provided are approximate, and are subject to change without notice.


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