Water Filtration System - H2O Easy-Cold

The best conversations happen around the water cooler.

Invite a modern addition to your kitchen aesthetic with our H2O Easy-COLD Water Filtration System. This fast-cooling machine produces the perfect cup of water every time. Enjoy nature’s greatest resource with dual taps for room temperature or chilled water.

Its huge 5 litre capacity purifies its contents through an advanced filtration system, with an in-built indicator to let you know when it’s time to be replaced. Each filter lasts a huge 2 months, or 150 litres of water. Our pack of three filters is an optional extra for those wanting year-long filtration protection.

This innovative way to get your daily recommended dose of pure, filtered water holds up to 500ml of water at a time – so you can enjoy fresh water, longer. Keep your bench splash-free with a fully-removable cup rest with a spill guard.

Experience the difference – get truly refreshed, with our H2O Easy-COLD Water Filtration System.

  • H2O Easy - COLD

    Input Voltage ;  220 – 240 Volts

    Power Consumption;  75 Watts

    Water Tank Capacity:  5 Litres

    Temperature Rating:
                                     COLD 7 – 12 °C
                                     WARM 25 – 35°C

    Dimension Table top:  Height 46.5cm x Width 25cm x Depth 24.5cm

    Daily Power Consumption:  Approx. 0.5 kWh