912 - SentrySafe Tray

Keep your important documents and valuables organized while keeping them safe with this SentrySafe Tray Insert. Adjustable to any height in your SentrySafe 22.8, 33.6 and 34.8cu.litre fire-resistant safe this tray helps you arrange your items so they are easy to find and not damaged during storage.


  • Multi-positional tray allows for custom organization of SentrySafe 22.8, 33.6 and 34.8 cu.litre fire-resistant safes
  • Keeps items organized to prevent damage during storage

This accessory is specifically designed to fit the following SentrySafe Fire-Resistant Safes - may not work with other safe models.

  • SFW082DTB
  • SFW082GTC
  • SFW123BDC
  • SFW123BSC
  • SFW123DTB
  • SFW123GTC
  • SFW123UDC
  • SFW123UVC
  • STW123GDC
  • OS0407
  • MSW0809
  • DS3410
  • OA3807
  • DA3930
  • DSW3930