913 - SentrySafe Drawer

Get added privacy protection from your SentrySafe 22.8, 33.6 and 34.8cu.litre Fire-Resistant Safe with a SentrySafe Locking Drawer. This multi-positional shelf helps you lock away documents and valuables so they are kept private, even to other people that may be using the safe. The hard exterior of the locking drawer can also prevent scratching to small valuables.


  • Multi-positional locking drawer adds additional privacy for important documents and small valuables

  • Hard exterior provides protection from scratching to small valuables

  • Includes two keys

This accessory is specifically designed to fit the following SentrySafe Fire-Resistant Safes - may not work with other safe models.

  • SFW082DTB
  • SFW082GTC
  • SFW123BDC
  • SFW123BSC
  • SFW123DTB
  • SFW123GTC
  • SFW123UDC
  • SFW123UVC
  • STW123GDC
  • OS0407
  • MSW0809
  • DS3410
  • OA3807
  • DA3930
  • DSW3930

Dimensions (H x W x D)

  • Internal: 5.15 x 30.16 x 22.62cm