Cool Mist - Air Humidifier

Advante Cool Mist Air humidifier helps keep air hydrated effectively to promote a feeling of comfort.  It relieves and prevents conditions like dry skin, sinus, dry throat and sore eyes especially in an air-conditioned environment.

The humidifying process also helps enhance the air quality in your house by letting out trapped, polluted air and replaces it with fresh air. The improved atmosphere and air quality at home help moisturize the respiratory system, which is beneficial for asthma sufferers.

Static electricity occurs when the air is dry, thus resulting in shocks being received when touching people or certain objects. The humidifier emits moisture into the air to increase humidity and reduces static electricity.

Besides humidifying the air, Cool Mist Air Humidifier also comes with colour changing mood light. Its soft and low lighting patterns create a sense of warmth and relaxing effects when used in a darkened room.


Why Use a Humidifier?
Humidity is very important. Your body requires a certain level of moisture in the air to function properly. When you breathe dry air, like in air-conditioned rooms, your body has to use more of its own water to add humidity to the air you are breathing, in order to have the air saturated with enough water.

If you are always breathing dry air your body loses more of its water to try and combat the incoming dry air. This can lead to dehydration and can exacerbate respiratory conditions. Your skin also requires humid air to avoid drying out.

    • Humidifies and revitalises the air
    • Variable spray control for use in small or large rooms
    • Automatic Shut Off turns off the machine when the water runs out
    • Virtually silent operation
    • Consumes less energy than a 40W light bulb

    • Always place the unit on a flat, stable surface
    • To fill, remove the tank and turn upside down. Unscrew the cover of the tank and fill it with clean, cold water.
    • Secure the cover onto the tank; wipe with a dry cloth, and replace the water tank on the base unit.
    • Connect to the power supply and turn on the switch
    • When the power indicator glows green, the machine is ready for use
    • Turn the spray control knob to the desired level
    • When the tank runs out of water, the device will automatically stop