Stingray - Steam Mop

If hygiene is your top priority, mopping the floor is one of those essential chores that we can often take for granted. That's why ADVANTE came up with the Advante StingRay Steam Mop.

Forget about water spilling from the bucket, this mop uses steam to clean like no other. The Advante StingRay Steam Mop is more hygienic compared to conventional mopping as it sanities the floor at the same time. And it cleans all type of floors, including tiles, marbles, granites, wood and carpet. Furthermore, as it doesn't require any household chemicals and germicide antiseptic, you'll enjoy great savings too!

Too good to believe? Don't take our word for it. Get the Advante StingRay Steam Mop today and be amazed.

  • Categorised as new age mop, the Advante StingRay Steam Mop is just one of those innovations that offer the best of both worlds: healthy living and cost efficiency.

    Control and manoeuvrability are a breeze with its specially designed aluminum handle and a 7m-long power cord. Its enormous 350ml water-filling tank takes about 1 to 2 minutes to boil and release steam. Weighs a mere 1.8kg.

    The Advante StingRay is accompanied by a micro-fibre cloth, which lifts and traps dirt effectively as compared to other mops' fibre cloths. Made of hi-tech polyester and nylon, the material is also fine enough that no scratches are left on any surfaces when mopping.

    Mop away all your dusty troubles with the Advante StingRay Steam Mop and sanitise your floor too!





    Input Voltage: 220 - 240 volts / 50Hz

    Power consumption : 900 watts

    Maximum Steam Temperature : 105 °C

    Steam Boiler Tank Capacity : 50 ml 

    Boiling Time for 250ml : 1 - 2 min

    Usage Time  Approx. : 9min

    Length of Power Cable : 7 Metres

    Nett Weight : 1.8 Kilograms