Replacement ANTIOXIDANT ALKALINE Filter <4> for H2O AP-T & AP-S

This patented Antioxidant Alkaline Filter (Patent 10-1748389 registered with Korean Intellectual Property Office, KIPO) is specially designed to increase pH level, hydrogen ion concentration and provide water of lower Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) utilizing a combination of Alkaline ORP, Max FIR and Mineral Balance balls. The granular activated carbon ensures the water tastes good with undesirable tastes and odour.

How it works
Antioxidant Alkaline Post Carbon filter increases alkalinity levels between 9.0 - 9.5pH to restore PH balance. Without this filter, acidic water will decrease hydration and slow metabolism. Drinking higher alkaline water contributes to more energy & improved hydration.

Manufactured from NSF compliant materials. This cartridge is suitable for water purification in all home and commercial applications.

By removing harmful active oxygen(free radical), it is able to improve the effects of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C & E; enhance the bone regeneration, as well affect some illnesses. It excels in the emission of FIR to activate your metabolism. It contains essential inorganic minerals, necessary to promote good health.

Health Benefits
Provides trace amounts of mineral / nutrient boost of calcium and magnesium.

This Antioxidant Alkaline Post Carbon filter uses a patented filter technology that increases alkalinity levels between 9.0 & 9.5pH to restore PH balance. It also lowers the ORP(Oxygen Reduction Potential) to as low as -250mv. Essentially, what this filter does is adds beneficial minerals such as calcium, and magnesium, creating hydrogen rich water with antioxidants. It simply doesn’t get any healthier!

Product Hydrogen(H) and reduction to rise up Hydrogen ion density improvement of erase function to anti-oxidation by strengthening(-mV) with ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential.