Replacement SEDIMENT Filter <1> for H2O AP-USS

This filter is designed for the reduction and removal of sediment, such as dirt, sand, and other particles that may cause cloudiness.

How it works
Water that appears cloudy or turbid is caused by particulates (such as rust, sand, or clay) found in the water. Sediment filters remove these particulates from water by trapping them.

Manufactured using NSF compliant materials. This cartridge is suitable for water filtration in all home and commercial applications.

The sediment filter is a filter which removes ordinary sediments (clay, rust, sand, dirt, etc.) in the water through 1 micron (1/1,000mm) pores. The sediment filter cartridge is easy to change, creates a visual change, and provides high reliability.

Sediment Filter manufactured with PP material collects and eliminates significant volume of pollutants by the maximization of pore volume through multiple fiber layer, and has chemical durability for various chemicals and thermal resistance in view of the characteristics of PP materials. It also gives longer life to pre-carbon filter that absorbs residual chlorine, undesirable taste and bad odour in water.