LuCell -FAQs


Where does LuCell originates from?
The parent company of LuCell was established in 1973, and are producing products which exceeds customer expectations in terms of both quality and service. Being an innovator in the industry, the company created the all new LuCeLL product line in 2008, transforming safes into DESIGNER FURNITURE. The LuCell LU-2000 was presented "Good Design" Award by Korea Design Centre in its launch year.

Why should I own a product by LuCell?
LuCell conceives and manufactures its products in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, guaranteeing very high standards. The experience gained over 50 years of manufacturing enables LuCell to differ from the competition, offering high level services and products that respect efficiency, tradition and innovation standards.



What type of protection is offered on LuCell products?
LuCell products are tested by Korean Standards Association (KSA) and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden to ensure they meet stringent standards for performance as claimed.



I lost my safe key, can i order a replacement?
I had forgotten the combination I set for my safe, I need help to open my safe.
To order a key replacement or need assistance to reset the safe, you will first need to find your model and serial number.
Already know your model and serial number? Proceed to Key Recovery / Forget Combination Process



What does LuCell limited warranty includes?
LuCell provides a limited warranty for all the products we manufacture valid for 1 year from the date of purchase*.
This warranty primarily covers structural and mechanical defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. Please consult your owner’s manual for additional details about your safe model.

Warranty does not cover damages caused by battery leakages. Please remember to change your batteries within short periods.

*A dated receipt and eWarranty Registration Acknowledgement are required as proof of purchase.



What is a dual key?
A dual key prevents other users from accessing the safe even if they know the combination. It prevents the primary lock from functioning. It is not an override key for a lost combination.

What is a dual key used for?
Imagine you own a small business and you have a safe that gets accessed by multiple employees – they all know the combination. If you want to prevent access at night or any other time, use the dual key. It will disable the primary lock so that even other users that know the combination cannot open the safe.
It can be used to double lock your safe. It is an additional layer of protection.

Can I use the dual key to get in if I forget or lose my combination?
No. The dual key will not, by itself, unlock the safe. The dual key must be in the unlocked position and then the safe's combination or fingerprint needs to be entered and verified.