Designed to protect important documents and irreplaceable items in an office or home, the LuCell Aegis safe is rated to withstand temperatures up to 1006°C, for 1 hour. This provides much more protection than your standard cabinet.

With the easy to use the digital electronic lock with a biometric scanner that you can program yourself, you can always have quick and easy access to your contents in just a few pushes of some buttons. No need to fumble around with a dial combination lock. The door engages the locking bolts automatically with the door detent device. 

It boasts a 3-way locking bolts system to ensure your treasured items secure. An anchor hole at the bottom of the safe enables you to bolt-down the safe to a solid surface. This ensures nobody can move it. 

This Aegis EGE-070 weighs 138kg and has 73 cubic litres of internal storage capacity.  

  • LuCell Aegis protects all your valuables by keeping the interior temperature below 177°C when the outside temperature goes up to 924°C for an hour. It is certified to the standard of KS G 4500 by KSA (Korean Standards Association).

    LuCell Aegis is also certified to NT FIRE 017 - 90 Paper by Research Institutes of Sweden AB. The safe is heated to 1006°C over 90 minutes. The internal temperature of the safe may not increase to more than 150°C in this time.

    2 User Codes - programmable between 4-20 digits

    Biometric Operation - stores up to 10 fingerprints.

    Key Lock - double-lock the safe with a 10-pin dimple key.

    Highly Secure - 4 x 28mm solid steel live locking bolts.

    Auto-Lock - locking bolts will engage when the safe door is closed.

    Enhanced Safeguard - hidden hinges make it more difficult to attack.

    120dB Alarm - high-sensitivity shock sensor with a 120dB alarm protects contents more safely in the event that the safe is moved or detects an impact.

    Personalized - Private drawer with a key lock for personal keepings

    Flexible Management -  adjustable racks.

    Bolt down capability prevents safe from unauthorized removal.

  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    External: 703 x 552 x 556mm
    Internal: 539 x 397 x 344mm

    Capacity: 73 Cubic Litres

    Approximate Weight: 138kg


    AEGIS User Manual (ENGLISH)

    AEGIS User Manual (中文说明书)
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