This LuCell SLU-2000-BFG3 is cladded with Japanese-made CERARL non-combustible decorative panel, which is fire resistant rated Class '0'.  This panel is widely installed in upscale commercial, residential and health establishments.

Imagine stepping into a space where tranquility reigns supreme. Smooth Ash, carefully chosen to embody the serene ambiance of Japan, transport you to a realm of peace and simplicity. Each panel is a masterpiece, capturing the essence of Zen with its gentle grains and soothing textures. This is more than just interior design; it's an experience crafted to harmonize your surroundings and nourish your soul.

Features of the CERARL non-combustible decorative panel include:
-Fire Resistant - Class 0
-Antimicrobial - Impregnated with Silver Ion
-Scratch, Stain and Impact Resistant
-Easy to clean

(Wood grain might differ from product images)


  • LuCell protects all your valuables by keeping the interior temperature below 150°C when the outside temperature goes up to 1010°C for an hour. It has been certified by KS (Korean Standards) and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).

    LuCell is the only safe that passed JAPAN's JIS S 1037, TS-15 anti-burglar test in Korea.

    Drop Test - The safe was lifted to a height of 5 metres and dropped onto the tarmac. Safe remained intact.

    2 User Codes - programmable between 4-20 digits

    Biometric Operation - stores up to 10 fingerprints.

    Highly Secure - 4 solid steel live locking bolts and 3 deadbolts.

    Auto-Lock - locking bolts will engage when the safe door is closed.

    Enhanced Safeguard - hidden hinges make it more difficult to attack.

    Glass Relocker - provides even better security against intruder's attacks.

    120dB Alarm - high-sensitivity shock sensor with a 120dB alarm protects contents more safely in the event that the safe is moved or detects an impact.

    Thoughtfulness -  key rack and cardholder on the rear side of the door.

    Flexible Management - 2 adjustable glass racks.

    LED Lights - no more fiddling in the dark.

    Bolt down capability prevents safe from unauthorized removal.

  • Dimensions (HxWxD):
    External: 843 x 505 x 501mm
    Internal: 642 x 344 x 320mm

    Capacity: 70 Cubic Litres

    Approximate Weight: 145kg


    SLU-2000 User Manual (ENGLISH)

    SLU-2000 User Manual (中文说明书)
  • Coming Soon.