- 4 Wooden Drawers
- 3 Watch Winders
- 1 Glass Shelf

This LuCell SLU-3000-HFG1 is cladded with Japanese-made CERARL non-combustible decorative panel, which is fire resistant rated Class '0'. This panel is widely installed in upscale commercial, residential and health establishments.

Astoria Marble brings a touch of elegance and depth to your space, bringing your room to life. Featuring beautiful shades of grey, this gorgeous marble adds an extra character and layer of texture to any room!

Features of the CERARL non-combustible decorative panel include:
-Fire Resistant - Class 0
-Antimicrobial - Impregnated with Silver Ion Technology
-Scratch, Stain and Impact Resistant
-Easy to clean

(Marble pattern might differ from product images)


  • LuCell protects all your valuables by keeping the interior temperature below 150°C when the outside temperature goes up to 1010°C for an hour. It has been certified by KS (Korean Standards) and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).

    LuCell is the only safe that passed JAPAN's JIS S 1037, TS-15 anti-burglar test in Korea.

    Drop Test - The safe was lifted to a height of 5 metres and dropped onto the tarmac. Safe remained intact.

    2 User Codes - programmable between 4-20 digits

    Biometric Operation - stores up to 10 fingerprints.

    Highly Secure - 5 solid steel live locking bolts and 3 deadbolts.

    Auto-Lock - locking bolts will engage when the safe door is closed.

    Enhanced Safeguard - hidden hinges make it more difficult to attack.

    Glass Relocker - provides even better security against intruder attacks.

    120dB Alarm - high-sensitivity shock sensor with a 120dB alarm protects contents more safely in the event that the safe is moved or detects an impact.

    Thoughtfulness -  key rack and cardholder on the rear side of the door.

    Flexible Management - 4 drawers with removable compartments
                                        - 1 glass shelf

    Watch Winder - 3 individual programmable rotors
                             - Ultra-quiet Japanese Mabuchi motors

    LED Lights - no more fiddling in the dark.

    Bolt down capability prevents safe from unauthorized removal.

  • Dimensions (HxWxD):
    External: 1065 x 625 x 600mm
    Internal: 844 x 448 x 390mm

    Capacity: 147 Cubic Litres

    Approximate Weight: 298kg


    SLU-3000 User Manual (ENGLISH)

    SLU-3000 User Manual (中文说明书)
  • Coming Soon.